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Wet pussy in the backyard

Featuring Anaya Lee
Date January 3rd, 2011
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"My aunt and uncle were on vacation in Europe and I'd promised I'd keep an eye on their place," said Anaya. "My guy and I stopped there on a saturday afternoon, on our way to his place where we had a sexy night in planned because his roommates were away. I decided to water the garden, and he thought I looked so 'cute' that he wanted photos to show his folks and mine. 'I'll show you cute,' I said and started stripping. His instant hard-on just about burst through his jeans! My toy? I had that in my bag for us to use later. My guy wasn't really surprised when I started to strip for him," said Anaya. "He knows real well that I'm a pretty outrageous person who loves to be the center of attention-especially with guys-and he's cool with it. He enjoys staying back and watching me flirt and stuff..just harmless stuff. He wasn't even surprised when I told him I'd showed the photos to my best friend and she had suggested I send them to NN. I loved the idea of showing my bod to the world, and I probably would have gone for it even before she told me that I'd be paid if the photos were published.

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