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Teen Pee Bonus

Featuring: Ariana
Date: October 5th, 2015
Photos: 40
Hey guys, we were perusing our sister site and we saw this incredible set of Ariana pissing in her panties. We know that some of you guys like watching teens pee, so we figured we'd rip off 18eighteen and let you see, too. Enjoy! How does an innocent farm girl end up spreading her pussy for the camera? "First of all, just because I was raised on a farm doesn't mean I was innocent! I used to have sex in the barn and do all kinds of mischievous things. I was always naughty, and that's why I knew I had to get out of Wisconsin. I've always been a very sexual and horny person. Anyone who really knows me wouldn't be surprised to find out that I took professional nude photos." How do you like living in California? "It's great! I love that it's always warm and sunny and I can usually wear skimpy clothing. I like to show a lot of skin. That's why those winters back home were terrible. I hated being bundled up in tons of sweaters and jackets and scarves! I don't think I ever want to see snow again. But anyway, there are also so many good-looking people out here; I can't believe it.

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