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She's Hot... For A Lezzie

Featuring: Ava Cummings
Date: September 13th, 2010
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"These days, I'd rather go to bed with a girl than a guy," said Ava. "Perhaps I haven't fucked the right guy, yet. I mean, the girls I've been with wanted to please me just as much as they wanted their own pleasure, but the guys I've fucked seemed to just want to do me and cum, and they didn't care if I got anything out of it or not. So, I'm kinda cynical these days and I'm getting my sexual satisfaction from girls-like my lover who took these pics-or my toys." "I'm not totally off guys," Ava said. "I enjoy hanging out with them in bars and clubs and at parties and stuff, but I won't be picked up by a guy just to have sex. I have some girlfriends who are off fucking like I am, and some girlfriends who are gay or bi-. They all tell me that I need to find myself an older guy to bed-like in his early 30s-who's experienced at sex, will appreciate fucking me and will treat me properly in bed and pleasure me. That does sound good, but I haven't found a candidate that appeals yet.".

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