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Not quite a Bush Baby

Featuring: Beata Undine
Date: December 1st, 2010
Photos: 68
"This hammock seat was in my bedroom when my best friend and I moved into the apartment," said Beata. "She figured I'd throw it out, but I love it. It's so comfy to sit in and read, study or watch TV. And I don't have a boyfriend now, but the last guy I dated for a while often screwed me while I was sitting in it. Talk about wild sex! So when I decided that I wanted to be in NN, using the seat was a given. My friend took the photos," said Beata. "No, we don't have lezzie sex: we're both totally into guys and screwing. Shannon might think I'm a bit of a slut for wanting to be in a magazine, but she knows that I'm a huge flirt and I love teasing and flashing guys. But I'm not easy: I've never slept with a guy I've just met. I hold out to a third or fourth date before I'll do anything past a few kisses, even if I have the big-time hots for the guy and really want him to bone me.

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