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She's a horndog

Featuring: Brandy Smith
Date: October 4th, 2010
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This divorcee likes modest dates that end with orgasms, and wild parties that end with sex. "I once went to a house party and had sex with six other couples," she said. "I was the only single gal there. I had so much fun! I was eating pussy while getting fucked and sucking cocks while having my clit licked. Some guy fucked my butt for the first time ever. I still don't know which of the guys it was, but he made me a butt-sex convert, that's for sure. I love having my pussy or ass fucked, but I always cum strongest from being eaten out. My friends threw me a wild party on my 40th birthday-and I got laid-but two nights later I went to a country and western bar," Brandy said. "I picked up a guy in his early 20s, fucked and blew him at his place, went back to the bar, picked up a guy about 10 years older and did him in his car, then went back inside and got another young guy to take home for the night. I couldn't walk properly for days after that, but I couldn't stop smiling, either.

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