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Shower Fantasy

Featuring: Cherry Lane
Date: January 18th, 2010
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"This all happened because my guy walked in on me while I was cumming in the shower, with the water blasting on my clit," said Cherry. "I couldn't stop-and didn't want to-but I was soo embarrassed afterwards. He was turned on and begging to screw me, so he stripped off and joined me. (Thank God we have gas-heated water.) It was our first shower fuck, and it was awkward but fun. He came quickly and I couldn't cum again, but I really didn't mind." "My guy was totally amazed that I masturbate: He'd never really thought about it," said Cherry. "So we sat in bed and talked about our sexual fantasies and stuff. I told him I fantasized about being in a porno mag, and he loved the idea. He pushed me to actually do it and we decided on sending the pics to you guys at Newcummers. Then we decided to use the shower, seeing that's where the whole thing kind of started. It was fun and thrilling to do.".

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