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Amateur Photos » She Can't Give Up Cock

She Can't Give Up Cock

Featuring: Dani Denver
Date: March 28th, 2014
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Dani used to hook up with her sexy roommate all the time, but it got a little complicated. "I could've kept eating her out every night, but she was getting a little clingy for me. She kept mentioning that she wanted to stop dating guys and take me out on a date. I'm not a lesbian, so that was a no-go for me. I just really like licking pussy! Anyway, I moved out and gave her the cold shoulder until recently. I feel really bad about it. I started dating this guy and I wanted to give him a birthday three-way. I called her up and she was there in, like, 10 minutes! We both gave him head, but she wouldn't fuck him. Oh well, it was still a lot of fun and he had a great time. I feel a little bit like I used her, but I still gave her 2 orgasms that night, so she doesn't really have room to complain! I'll send her a link to these photos so she can get off to me again.".

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