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I like breaking rules!

Featuring: Debbie
Date: October 11th, 2010
Photos: 72
"I know hotel management-type women are probably not supposed to get naked for a porn mag, but it's something I've wanted to do for ages-since I was in my teens," said Debbie. "But it's only now that I feel confident enough about how my body looks to actually do it. I'm all business suits and authority when I'm at work, but I'm jeans, burgers, beer and my Harley Davidson on my time. I hang out in a local bar that tourists don't usually go to, but, sometimes my girlfriend and me get all glammed up and go to the bar in one of the casino hotels to pick up guys." "I love screwing and cumming so I need a man-a cock-on a regular basis," said Debbie. "I'd rather pick up a guy staying in a hotel and do him for a night or two than have a fling with a local or one of my biker friends who I'll run into all the time. I like variety, so if my friend and I get talking to younger guys who hit on us, you can bet that I'll be doing one of them before long. A lot of my biker friends read mags like NN. I can't wait to hear their reactions to seeing me spread wide for them.".

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