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Pose Or Paint?

Featuring: Elena Cole
Date: June 18th, 2010
Photos: 51
"My guy wanted to paint his apartment," Elena said. "I hate doing stuff like that, but I said I'd help. When he took a photo of me painting to show our friends, I flashed my tits. So he took more photos and we had sex, and a friend helped him finish the job the next weekend. I want to be in NN so I can think about all the guys fantasizing about doing sexual things with me." "I love my toy," said Elena. "I leave it at my guy's place because he uses it on me just as much as I use it on myself. I don't need anything that buzzes; I just like to have my hole filled up. That gets me off big time. My guy does me with the toy while I give him a hand-job. We try and time it so we both cum at the same time.

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