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Amateur Photos » Proving she's no goodie, goodie

Proving she's no goodie, goodie

Featuring: Ella Marie
Date: July 26th, 2010
Photos: 49
"If my folks see the magazine, they should blame one of my lecturers for me posing," said Ella. "See, I've always been a real goodie, goodie who never got into trouble like smoking or drinking or anything worse. The lecturer was going on about what motivates people, I think, and he said something about acting out a fantasy if you can, as long as it's not illegal. I've wanted to be in a mag since I used to look at my brother's porn stash when he wasn't around. So here I am. I guess this bit would freak out my folks even more. I've known my roommate since we were in pre-school. We're lucky that we both got accepted to the same college. She's the one who took the photos. I wasn't shy about getting naked and doing rude things in front of her because we've been lezzie lovers a few times in the past year or so.

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