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Amateur Photos » The Hottest Librarian You'll Ever See!

The Hottest Librarian You'll Ever See!

Featuring: Emiliana Grey
Date: May 11th, 2010
Photos: 51
"In the condo building where my boyfriend lives, they have a library," said Emiliana. "The books weren't in any order at all. For some stupid reason, my guy volunteered to organize the place, and, being a good girlfriend, I said I'd hang out with him there one night. I found Naughty Bedtime Stories. I read a couple of them and they got me hot, so I had an idea. He had his digital camera with him to take photos-I forget why. I locked the door, gave him the camera and told him it was break time..and this is what happened. When I saw how good the shots were, I decided to share them with NN.".

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