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Redd Hot

Featuring: Emma Redd
Date: September 16th, 2009
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Emma, 19, fucked Tony for 18eighteen mag's Teens In Need DVD (see the DVD Club on page 11), but she is so fucking cute-especially with those red pubes of hers-that we figured you Naughty Nation guys would just enjoy the fuck show for what it is. "I really haven't had all that much sex," said Emma. "My pussy was so wet before we even got started because I saw Tony's big dick and I really wanted to feel it inside me." "I forgot all about the cameras," said Emma. "I sucked Tony's cock and he licked me real good, then we fucked like it was the last time we'd ever get to do it at all. I didn't need to fake moans and groans or anything because the ones coming out of my mouth were all real. I mean, when Tony licked my slit and fingered me, I came buckets! It was awesome. I didn't want the fucking to stop. I wanted as much of his dick as he could jam into me. I was kinda disappointed when he shot his load." "I think my favorite way for fucking is doggie-style," said Emma. "It just feels like a cock goes deeper into my pussy that way, and if the guy grabs my ass cheeks kinda rough it really gets me going.

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