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Stubborn and Stuffed

Featuring: Jaycee Taylor
Date: April 27th, 2009
Photos: 80
"My boyfriend didn't want to have anything to do with it when I told him I wanted to be naked and nasty in a magazine," said Jaycee. "It was the first time he got sorta possessive about me, and it was kinda cute but it didn't change my mind. I've shocked him a few times before, like flashing my titties for guys-that sorta thing-and he took it okay, but we didn't talk for a couple of days over the whole posing thing. He knows me well enough to realize that once I've made my mind up about something that's it, so he accepted it." "I got my BFF, Jenna, to take the photos because my guy couldn't take a decent photo of anything," said Jaycee. "I didn't mind spreading and using my toy in front of Jenna, 'cause we've diddled ourselves together a few times-but not done anything lezzie. I let my boyfriend watch, but it got too much for him and he took off-to go jack, I'm sure. But he got some action when I was done because I was sooo horny and I wanted him big time.".

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