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Country Cunny

Featuring: Jenny
Date: July 10th, 2009
Photos: 50
"I'm in college in Tucson and I live in a student apartment," said Jenny. "I go home to see my folks and just be in the country whenever I can. Last time, I took my boyfriend with me. He had to sleep in the spare bedroom, of course, but we had lots of time to ourselves-that means time to screw and for me to pose-when I took him out on dad's ATV." "The big blanket in the photos got lots of use and could tell lots of dirty stories, that's for sure," said Jenny. "I'm sure my folks knew what we were doing, but as long as they couldn't see us, they didn't mind. It's like I was telling my boyfriend, 'Country air makes people horny, a lot more so than the polluted air in cities.' By the end of our long weekend on the farm, I'd just about worn out his dick, so he understood what I meant.".

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