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Sunning her pussy

Featuring: Joey Lyn
Date: October 18th, 2010
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"I'm cautious," said Joey. "I don't go in for oral sex the first time I take a guy home with me. I just want one or two good fucks and a couple of orgasms. Then I tell him to go; he can't stay the night. If he wants another encounter, I'll invite him for dinner (pizza) and we'll get into oral sex and maybe experiment some when we screw. If he still rings my bell, I'll invite him back for another night and he won't know what's hit him! I'm actually kinda kinky (I won't say in what way) and it's all on if he's up for it. I guarantee I'll leave the guy speechless and exhausted once I've opened up my whole bag of tricks," said Joey. "I'm a very oral gal and I love anal sex, and with the kinky stuff that gets me off, the guy has to be a real stud to keep up with me. Then, even if he is a stud, the sex starts to get boring after five or six nights of passion. If I actually find myself liking the guy, I might introduce one of my girlfriends into the bed, or get him to come up with a friend who's a stud and not a nerd.

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