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Joscylin Brooks

Featuring: Joscylin Brooks
Date: December 11th, 2009
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"My dad calls me his wild child," said Joscylin. "I do things to shock people, but I've never really broken any laws or stuff like that. My folks know about my nose and belly piercings and my tattoos, but only my mom knows about my piercing down below. She says it would be too much for my dad to handle. If they find out about these photos they might disown me or something, but I really wanted to pose." "I'd known for ages that I wanted to pose for NN, but I never told my boyfriend, even during all the times we sat in his bed and looked through the latest issue. He's a subscriber," said Joscylin. "One saturday morning, I went over to his place with my camera and told him what I wanted to do. The only tidy room in his apartment was the laundry area, so that's where I did my thing. He really hurried me, so I'm surprised how good the photos came out. He hurried me because he wanted to have sex when we were done, and he had to be at a softball game at noon.".

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