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Home Runs All The Way

Featuring: Kelli Stone
Date: May 18th, 2009
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"Well, I've already got ink and piercings, so I was thinking that there wasn't too much left for me to do to be rebellious and different," said Kelli. "That's when my boyfriend arrived at my place with a pile of Newcummers magazines one night (he'd borrowed them from his older brother). We looked through them together, got horny and had sex (luckily, my mom and dad were out playing bingo), and I told him I was gonna pose as soon as we could organize it. 'That's what I hoped you'd say,' he told me." For the record, Kelli is 5'7", weighs 130 pounds, wears 32B bras and is a trainee auto mechanic. Yeah, really! "I've been having sex since way before I was really supposed to," said Kelli. "But, geez, most girls have! And before that I was getting off with my toy, so I already know what I like and don't like, and what I need to get off. I'm not seriously dating any guy right now; I'm playing around just like guys do. But that doesn't mean I'm easy: I won't even let a guy get to third base till we've dated five or six times. But then it's home runs all the way if he's any good at sex and looks after my needs as well as his own.".

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