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Posing in the work

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Date: April 20th, 2011
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"I work in a clothing boutique in the West End that caters to young blokes, and that's where I get most of my dates," said Kimberly. "The manager is not much older than me, and she dates customers, too. We have very different tastes in blokes, thank goodness, or it could be awkward. I'm not really into serious dating; I'd rather just go out with a bloke two or three times, shag him till the novelty's worn off, then move on. I love the 'newness' of shagging a guy when the passion is high and it's so exciting. Have I shagged a bloke in one of the changing rooms? Hell yeah! That's so damned hot," Kimberly said. "We have rooms with a door, not cubicles and a curtain, so you can get into it without being disturbed. We play loud music, so odds are that nobody will hear what's going on. Again, I'm not worried about being fired because my manager has done it as well. It's obvious that I don't just like sex in a bedroom; I'll shag a bloke most anywhere if he gets me really turned on.

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June 25, 2011
What a nice pussy....
April 21, 2011
She's GREAT. Beautiful! She has a luscious body! Wonderful shape. Please bring her back!

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