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A newbie in cougarland

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Date October 26th, 2010
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Recently divorced Lanie has two teenage sons, but she's ready to start living the good life. "I'm not going to become the town slut, but I am ready to go out and have sex..a lot of sex," she said. When I was married, my husband never wanted to have sex, and when he did, he was only interested in self-satisfaction. So when he told me he'd quit his job and was moving to Belize with some young tart he'd met at work, I told him 'So long and good luck.' My attorney made sure that me and the kids were well taken care of; that was the only worry I had about the whole situation. Now it's time for me to get some sexual satisfaction. I was in an adult store with my best friend when I saw NN," said Lanie. "I bought one-and my first-ever toy-and had a couple of cum-filled nights. I think I look good for my age, so posing will give me a huge thrill and launch my new life. I wouldn't screw around in Phoenix, but my friend and I are planning frequent weekends in Las Vegas to meet guys, have fun and get laid. I'd really like to have sex with guys in their 30s, and I want to feel a cock in my virgin ass.

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