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Nude Afternoon

Featuring: Laura Crystal
Date: July 27th, 2009
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First the stats, right? Laura, a student, is 18. Her birthday is May 5. She weighs 115 pounds and wears 34A bras. "Summer in Toronto is kinda short, but it does get hot," said Laura. "I love to get naked in the backyard whenever I can. I still live at home, but my folks work, so I have the house to myself if I'm home during the day and not at college. Our neighbors on both sides work, too, so it's sort of okay to be naked because there's a fairly good chance that there'll be nobody around to see me. When my boyfriend comes to visit, he's not as ready to get naked as I am. He's chicken!" "We have had sex outdoors a few times, but only when I suggested it and made all the moves," Laura said. "When I want to fool around, I start rubbing my titties and move down to my pussy, making sure he's watching me.

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