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Lily Mendez

Featuring: Lily Mendez
Date: April 24th, 2009
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"Okay, I have ink and body jewelry and I love to party and all, but I'm real old-fashioned when it comes to sex," said Lily. "That doesn't mean that I'm gonna be a virgin when I get married or anything like that, it means that I want to be in comfortable, private surroundings when I'm getting into it with a guy. There's no way that I'll even give a BJ in a car or anyplace other than in a bedroom. But, if I can say this about myself, I'm definitely worth it!" "Once a guy gets me alone and naked in a bedroom, he'll find that I'm real adventurous," said Lily. "I like lots of foreplay and a couple of orgasms to get me all sexed up, then I'm ready for just about anything. I love screwing in all sorts positions and things like being tied up, being tickled, spanking and stuff like that. I love anal sex, too; at the end of a sex session. I mean, a guy can take his condom off and cum in my ass because I love feeling that and, sometimes, it's enough to give me a butt-gasm as he's shooting his load in me.".

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