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It's All Off!

Featuring: Lisa
Date: June 28th, 2015
Photos: 74
Legs. Pits. Pussy. Lisa has shaved off all of her body hair. She had an impressive bush before. Now she wants to know which you guys prefer. She's not had a bald cunt in a long time. Her pubes used to be long enough to run your fingers through. Too bad she decided to take the scissors to them instead. Be sure to check out the video set we're posting today, too.

What Members are saying about this update...

April 19, 2016
Both ways are great! But I like the bush because it's like seeing an endangered animal. So rare nowdays.
July 01, 2015
I really like this two photo set series thing going on here. I can never decide if I like my girls with hair or shaved better. And this "she's hairy today, shaved tomorrow" thing is really cool. I would love to see more of these.
June 28, 2015
Grow It back asap! Please!!!

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