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Airing out her pussy

Featuring: Lorna Preston
Date: October 30th, 2010
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"Before the semester started, my boyfriend and I bullshitted our parents into thinking we were going on vacation with friends," said Lorna. "But we spent five great nights at a motel in Panama City, Florida. It was so romantic and erotic because we had so much sex and everything was so beautiful and tropical. Right now, I'll bet that my honeymoon won't be so awesome. I sent you guys these photos from the trip so we can afford another trip to Florida real soon. About two months before the trip, I went on the pill, so we could finally have bareback sex which was awesome. It was great to feel my guy cumming inside me the way it should be. I cum strongest when we screw in the missionary position, but I love doggie-style because it always feels kinda wicked to me," said Lorna. "And my boyfriend can spank my ass that way while he's doing me: I like that sometimes-it gets me really hot. Then, of course, if he hasn't cum in my pussy, he can do me in the butt which I like.

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