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Fucked by a stud

Featuring: Lynxie Fox
Date: July 13th, 2011
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Lynxie, 20, is a student who decided to come fuck one of our studs after hearing about our house party (covered in several previous issues), which she knew about but never got around to going to. This babe is 5'1" weighs 124 pounds, wears 34A bras and likes sexy thongs. "If I'd been at the house party, I probably would have been in there, sucking dicks and fucking the guys like the other girls did because I love being the center of attention and doing outrageous things when people-especially guys-are around," she said. It took me all of five minutes to decide that I wanted to be in NN, doing it with one of the big-dicked studs. My boyfriend is even more weird than you might think I am," Lynxie said. "He's way into voyeurism, and he really pushed me to go ahead with screwing for the magazine. I thought that he might want to be in the room, actually watching us, but he said he just wanted the satisfaction of seeing the layout in the mag and knowing it was his girl who was sucking a stud's cock, working him good and getting his jizz salute. I have my best orgasms from screwing doggie-style," said Lynxie. "But, no, I'm not into giving up my butthole to be filled with cock. It just doesn't appeal to me although I'll try most anything else that's not gonna hurt me.

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