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She's a learner at fucking

Featuring: Megan
Date: July 16th, 2011
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"My boyfriend took these photos before he went off to college in Texas and I went to college across the state," said Megan. "Although he's the best thing that's ever happened to me, I'm very realistic, so I only gave him prints to keep and downloaded the photos off his camera and kept the chip. I mean, we made all kinds of promises about still being boyfriend and girlfriend and not cheating and stuff, but, hell, I'm just as likely as him to forget about that if the right person comes along and we connect." "I've only ever had sex with the one guy and he was-is-as much a beginner at it as me," said Megan. "We have only done it the missionary way and doggie-style and that's it. I've never even sat on top of his dick like all the girls in NN seem to do and enjoy so much. He was-is-awful at licking me out, and I can't always get off that way, so I don't always cum when we have sex because I'm not excited enough. But I know that I've got so much to learn and experience and enjoy as far as sex is concerned, and I can hardly wait. If you want me to be honest and realistic again, I'd say that I might be most likely to cheat on my boyfriend if an older guy comes along and I sense that he'd be a great lover who could help me to enjoy sex more." "Again, being a realist, I'd tell my boyfriend right away if I cheated on him and I'd break up with him," said Megan. "I'd not want to lie to him and I'd not want to lie to any new guy I was having sex with and tell him I no longer had a boyfriend if that wasn't true. That's just the way I am.

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