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Amateur Photos » "Like my tan Lines?"

"Like my tan Lines?"

Featuring: Nadia
Date: June 22nd, 2011
Photos: 86
"What is it about tan lines that guys like so much? asked Nadia. "I'm hanging out with two guys--not 'dating' either of them--and they both get super-excited every time they see my tan lines. So, yeah, I'm having sex with both guys--often in the same week. They have different personalities and they're different in bed. One is great with his tongue and has a dick like a horse, but he can't last long. The other gets me off with his lips, has a regular-sized dick and can last forever. My fantasy is to have a threesome with them. I hope they take the hint when I show them my layout in the mag.".

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January 06, 2015
I recall from the magazine, she wants nothing to do with anal sex. With a beautiful deep and clean ass like hers???? Oh Baby at least let me tounge fuck it
June 22, 2011
Very good looking women. A+!

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