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No Sex? No Way!

Featuring: Rubi James and Peter James
Date: November 30th, 2009
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"As soon as I saw my first copy of NN and realized that me and Pete could fuck for the magazine, I told him that we had to do it," said Rubi, 21, a nurse's aide from Decatur, Georgia. "I love to be outrageous and shock people, I love flirting with guys and I'm a big time exhibitionist, plus I love sex, so deciding to screw for the mag was a no-brainer for me. I didn't even know that we'd be paid for doing it! I can't wait to see the mag; I want to show all my friends and watch them getting uncomfortable." "I've been with other girls plenty of times, had two guys at once-Peter and his best friend-and been to a real orgy with him," said Rubi. "Posing was one of the few outrageous sex things I hadn't tried, and it was as much fun as any of the others. Besides, I'll have the magazine to look at in 30 or 40 years, and I'll be able to relive the day I got nailed on camera, whether or not Peter and I are together then. I hope that it gets me even half as excited then as I got when we did it." "I was having butt sex way before I started having pussy sex," said Rubi. "I'd let guys finger my pussy and rub my clit till I got wet, then rub pussy juice on their dicks and let them do me in the butt. It felt so good and sometimes I just about came. See, I'd signed a 'No Sex' pledge at church, but it didn't say anything about not giving up my ass. Then, one day, I came so close to cumming while a guy was doing me in the butt that I decided I wanted to feel what the real thing-pussy sex-was all about.

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