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A highly bangable Bush Baby

Featuring: Sadie Mattews
Date: December 2nd, 2010
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Sadie is an airline reservations clerk. She is 5'8", weighs 135 pounds, wears 34C bras and likes sexy, cotton knickers. "I've never seriously considered shaving off my pubes," Sadie said. "Some of my friends have done it and all they do is bitch about how much trouble it is to keep bare and how it itches so much. I can't be bothered dealing with all that. I can only say what I've read other girls say in NN. My pubes have never stopped a bloke from going down on me to get me off, so things are staying as they are." "I have a routine for shagging--ways I like to do it that will make me cum," Sadie said. "I like to start off riding on a bloke's dick for a few minutes,then switch to doggie-style to get me really sexed up and ready to orgasm. Then switching to missionary will do it for me and I'll be able to cum. I love it when the guy cums with me: that's the best it can be.

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