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Date December 10th, 2009
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Salutations, pussy pals, it's Charlie O'Neal, your standard bearer for ordinary horndogs with another tale of improving my EFR (earned fuck ratio) while being a Sir Galahad. See, I met Sarah in a parking building when I returned to my car after getting a hair cut. Her car was next to mine, and she was looking under the hood, almost in tears. It wouldn't even turn over, she said. I'm no mechanic, but I talked about a dead battery or starter motor like I knew what I meant. She called AAA, (45 minutes for service) so I invited her to a Starbucks down the street to pass the time. She accepted. See, I'm always thinking of picking up new pussy for your pleasure. So Sarah and I talked and drank coffee-yada, yada-and I did my sales pitch. The AAA van arrived, but her car had to be towed.

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