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Another Fantasy Come True

Featuring: Sasha
Date: November 20th, 2009
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"When my bloke, Alan, showed me his NN collection one night when we were in his bed after having sex, I was amazed," said Sasha. "I'd never seen porno mags before, but I quickly became a fan. I was shocked and fascinated when he suggested that I send in photos. He thought he'd offended me and didn't mention it again. But the more I thought about it-even while diddling myself-the more excited I got about actually doing it." "I haven't been having sex for very long," said Sasha. "Alan is only the second bloke I've shagged. The other bloke couldn't get me off, and he didn't care about it either. He always came in about a minute after pushing into me, and he was quite happy with that. Now I know what great sex is all about, and I love it! Now that I've posed and that fantasy is out of the way, Alan and I will work on making another fantasy come true. See, I really want to go to bed with some other girl and see what it's like to taste her twat and be licked to orgasm by her.

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