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Taylor Thompson

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Date: April 21st, 2009
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"I always want what I can't have," said Taylor. "Like, I shouldn't have a tattoo or body jewelry (nice girls don't, so my mom always said), so I got both. Posing for NN is really the same sorta thing. My guy didn't really want me to do it, but I told him if he didn't take the photos, I'd find somebody who would. Yeah, I tell it like it is! So, if I wasn't dating, was horny and saw a guy I wanted, I'd hit on him even if he was ignoring me." "I waited for a weekend when I knew my folks would be out of town, and we went to their place so I could pose by the pool. I wasn't going to be "ordinary" and pose indoors. My boyfriend got all freaked out about the neighbors possibly seeing me, but that made the whole thing all the more exciting for me. And, funny enough, he forgot all about that once we got started and I was naked. Like, when I stripped him off and took a break from posing to blow him by the pool, he didn't say a thing about stopping in case anybody was watching! Afterwards, we had sex in the pool: It was awkward but nice.".

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