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The Pick-Up Artist

Featuring Taylor
Date November 16th, 2009
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G'day, cunt cobbers (suggested by an Australian reader), it's Charlie O'Neal, your standard bearer for ordinary horndogs. On the day that Taylor did her thing, I wasn't thinking about my EFR (earned fuck ratio). I had my camera with me on my daily walk because I'd spotted a restored Plymouth Road Runner (a 1970, Hemi version with an Air Grabber Hood) down the road, and I wanted photos. I talked to the owner, took my pics and then I saw Taylor again. We knew each other from meeting on our daily power walks. Taylor (22, a store clerk), asked about my camera. I told her what I'd been doing and she dissed guys and cars; especially guys who take photos of cars. Well, that pissed me off, so I decided to rock her world by telling her what I normally take photos of. I thought she'd be shocked, but she didn't say a word so I went into somewhat explicit detail. Still no reaction..just her tongue licking her lips.

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