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Posing For Revenge

Featuring: Taylor
Date: June 21st, 2010
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"I caught the guy I'd been dating for, like, two years in bed with a woman he worked with who's in her 40s," said Taylor. "I actually caught them doing anal! He tried to tell me that it was the only reason that he was cheating; she'd do anal and I wouldn't. I don't intend to have anal sex till I get married." "So who took these photos? Well, there's this real hunk of a guy who lives right across from me in the apartment building. We always talked when we ran into each other and I knew he was always checking me out. So I actually asked him out for a drink. We got on really well, so when we got home, I took him to bed and screwed his brains out. He's recovering from a busted relationship, too, so we're going out a bit and screwing a lot but with no pressure and no promises. We're having the best sex I've ever had, by far. So why did I pose? Well, the guy I dumped buys Newcummers, and I want him to see that I'm doing better than ever without him.".

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