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Date: March 10th, 2009
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"I was real pleased when I saw these photos because my breasts look bigger than they do to me in a mirror," said Valarie. "I've always wanted bigger titties. Ever since they started to grow, I've played with them most every night, rubbing and pulling on them to make them bigger. I just want to be a full D-cup, that's all. Now my boyfriend likes to suck and fondle them, and that feels way better than playing with them myself." "I'd never go for breast implants or a tattoo," Valarie said. "Getting my navel jewelry was enough for me. Some girls want to show that they're adventurous and wild by getting tattoos to show off to everyone, or just their lovers. I decided that posing for NN would be just as wild- and I get paid. That will make a big difference in the quality of my social life when I'm not out with my boyfriend. He wanted prints of the photos but I said no, a copy of the mag will have to do.

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