Bonnie Fucks With Her Pussy

Bonnie Skye - Solo Amateur video
Here's Bonnie, a 19-year-old college student from Miami, Florida. She's studying psychology, which might mean she likes to fuck with people's minds, but as this video proves, she'd rather fuck her own pussy. Bonnie has a shaved, self-opening pussy, meaning you don't need to bother with spreading her lips apart. They'll spread for you, as if they're always ready for cock. Which she is. But in this video, you won't see Bonnie with a cock, real or otherwise. Bonnie lets her fingers do the walking, vigorously finger-fucking her juicy pussy until she cums loudly. There's something special about a chick using her fingers instead of a dildo (maybe it's just more primal), and here, Bonnie shows why.

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