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A Brit Confused

Featuring: Bonny
Date: May 14th, 2014
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Bonny is sexy as hell, but she's also very misguided. She sent some pictures to us attached to the email that follows: "I'm very randy when I click with the right guy. You could say that I've clicked with the wrong guys, too. But my new bloke fits me like a glove. He snapped these photos of me a while back, but I've sent them in to you as a surprise for him. See, he wants to get into threesomes, which aren't really my thing. I figured that letting the world see me naked and jerk off to my body would be a rush for him. What do you guys think?" Guys, obviously her boyfriend wanted to get some pussy on the side, or maybe even get a two-girl blowjob. Who wouldn't, right? We doubt he wanted to share this prize peach of a pussy. Sending her pictures to us won't get him any closer to that goal.

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