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She Wants A Nude Show On

Featuring: Destiny Garnet
Date: March 1st, 2010
Photos: 66
"I paint interiors, and I hang drywall, too," said Destiny. "I'm pretty good at it. They should give me my own show on Home and Garden TV. Or perhaps I could do a handygirl show-naked-on I think the guys would like that. I've wanted to be in NN ever since I looked at some issues with my guy. He was all for it, and even bought a new digital camera to take the photos. I think he did real good." "I'm not gonna screw up my body with tattoos or piercings like a lot of girls in NN seem to do," said Destiny. "They're not for me. I think I look pretty good naked just as I am without having to add anything.

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