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Schoolgirl Cums

Emily, that's a very sexy outfit you have on.
"This old thing? The skirt is from when I went to an all-girl's private school. My boyfriend loves it when I wear it with stockings. He's so into the whole schoolgirl fetish. I don't really get it, but I do it 'cause he likes it. Whenever I dress up for him he bends me over and spanks me and eats me out forever."

Wow, you have some juicy pussy lips, Emily!
"Yeah, they stick out a lot. My boyfriend loves them. When we have sex he's always looking down at my lips wrapped around his dick. Sometimes when we're hanging out he'll play with my pussy for a long time. He won't even lick it or finger it--although it usually ends with that--he just admires it. I like that he gives my pussy so much attention. He's in his forties, so I guess that's something men get with age? 'Cause no guy my age has ever worshipped my pussy the way he does."

Does he make you cum?
"Before him I'd never had an orgasm before. So not only does he…
Featuring: Emily Jane
Date: May 8th, 2016
Duration: 53

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