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Emy's a House Party Animal!

Featuring: Emy Diaz, Better Fux, Chino, Commando, Cuco, and Taz
Date: June 19th, 2014
Photos: 69
Emy Diaz, the spicy Latina from Miami, Florida, is a party animal. She loses her inhibitions and gets wild at the drop of a hat--or at the drop of some pants. She's got one thing on her mind, and that's cock! Check out how she strips down and takes a massive dong deep into her throat. She's punching that dick tip with her tonsils while people cheer her on. Then some chick in the background pours some beer down her ass and pussy crack. Emy doesn't give a fuck, so she uses that brew as lube for her guy's fat cock. In Miami we say people like her are "loca". That means in cock-crazy.

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