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Redheads Do It Better

Featuring: Felicia Clover and Rocky
Date: April 30th, 2014
Photos: 50
Raise your hand if you agree with Felicia's shirt! Okay, now you can go back to doing whatever you want to do with that hand. The first thing you'll notice about Felicia is her chest. She's packing impressive F-cup tits into that shirt of hers. "I like to think they're my best assets, but guys dig my booty. Almost every guy I'm with spends a few minutes massaging my nipples and licking my tits, then goes straight for my butt. They'll be back there, licking and sucking on my asshole and pussy lips. That turns me on so much. It's funny. I would think that as a guy, spraying your load all over boobs would be the best, but even your porn stud prefers shooting all over my butt! I can't wait to show this to the guy I've been fucking. He'll probably only want to fuck me doggie-style for a while, just like the guy you set me up with.".

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