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A Much Needed Vacation

Featuring: Gigi Sweet
Date: June 16th, 2009
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"My boyfriend and I vacationed at a beach hotel near Orlando, in Florida," said Gigi. "All we did was swim, sunbathe, eat too much, drink big cocktails with umbrellas and fruit in them, and have sex every chance we could. This one morning, we were alone at the pool, so I got carried away as you can see. The thought of being discovered by strangers got me really sexed up." "Even though I was begging him, there was no way that my boyfriend was gonna get naked, too," said Gigi. "But he was enjoying watching me and taking the photos. I could tell that because his boner was just about ripping a hole in his board shorts. Finally, I got him to take a dip with me and when the water was deep enough, I attacked him and pulled out his cock. Then he surrendered to me and he 'let' me fuck him. That was something I'd always fantasized about doing. It was awkward and quick, but we both got our jollies and didn't get caught.".

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