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Unemployed, so she needed the money

Featuring: Hellga Apple
Date: November 8th, 2010
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"I'd been working for a trucking company but they closed down," said Hellga, "I got some money then, but it's about gone so I've had to give up buying clothes which is my favorite thing to do, I'm lucky that I'm still living with my folks, I guess, but it really screws up my sex life because my guy lives at home, too, When I had a few days alone in the house, I decided to pose to get some spending money, My guy was delighted because he buys NN all the time, He insisted that I pose for him in my closet, Because we both live at home, my boyfriend and I are used to having sex wherever we can," said Hellga, "Like, we screwed on my clothes on the floor of the closet after I'd posed, We could take our time for a change which was great, It was one of the times when I came twice while he was doing me, We often have sex in the back of his car: we have a real private spot that we go to, But they are always quickies, So I'll probably use some of the NN money to get us a motel room for a night or two, Then we can spend lots of time doing oral and making love slowly and in comfort without worrying about being disturbed and stuff,".

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