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Posed After Sexing It Up All Night

Featuring: Izzy Bella Blue
Date: June 4th, 2010
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"My roommate's guy buys NN and they often read them when they're in bed," said Izzy. "She'd never, ever pose for the mag herself. One night when they were away for the weekend, I was in my bed with my guy and I showed him the mags for the first time and told him that I'd love to be in it, too. He got hard right away, and we'd only just finished having sex so I knew he liked the idea. We got to looking at the couples having sex and soon we were screwing again, too. I posed for him the next morning after we'd been sexing all night." "I always dress real sexy to be noticed by guys when I go out, and I love flirting and being an exhibitionist," said Izzy. "Some guys might not like their girlfriend to be like that, but my guy enjoys watching other guys' reactions to me because he knows that he's the one who gets to touch and screw what the other guys can only look at. That gets him so horny that we often end up screwing in his car after we've been out to a club or a bar. He can't wait till we get back to his place or mine; he has to have me right away. I love that, especially if there's a chance that people will see us doing it.".

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