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Naughty Neighbors October 2009

Featuring: Jackie ONeil
Date: October 30th, 2009
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"By now, I figured that I'd have a job and be sharing an apartment with a couple of my friends, having great parties and having our boyfriends stay over for whole nights of sex" said Jackie. "Instead-like my friends-I'm still living at home. But unlike my two friends' parents, mine still treat me like I'm about 11. I have curfews and stuff and there's no way my boyfriend is even allowed in my bedroom. So, the economy sucks and life sucks!" "My boyfriend's going to college and he's still living at home, too," said Jackie. "The only good thing is that both my parents work and I'm an only child, so I have the house to myself on weekdays. That means my guy can visit between classes and we can fool around and screw. My parents think I'm kinda weird because I'm always burning scented candles; if they only knew it was to cover up whatever sex smells might be in the air after his visits.".

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