Amateur Photos » Dirty Pics For Her Soldier Boy

Dirty Pics For Her Soldier Boy

"My boyfriend is in the army and he's overseas right now, so I got my best girlfriend to take these photos for him to enjoy," said Kali. "She and I have been getting it on for years: he knows about it and joins in when he's around. That's why it didn't bother me to get nasty in front of her. It turned her on big time and we had to keep taking breaks so she could lick my sweet pussy. But she wouldn't let me get at her till we were done. Then we did each other with my toy that keeps me happy at night."

"I sent the photos to Newcummers so that I can afford to take my man to a fancy hotel for a few days when he comes home on leave," said Kali. "I know that seeing me in the magazine will excite him a lot, and that might be as good for him as taking a Viagra because I plan to send him back from leave exhausted and totally sexed out."
Featuring: Kali G
Date: June 4th, 2010
Duration: 40

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