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Hoping that she's still considered sexy

Featuring: Katy Lee
Date: August 17th, 2010
Photos: 49
"My boyfriend dumped me for a 20-year-old slag and I felt old and not sexy," said Katy. "He left a few NN and other stuff in my flat. One night, I looked through them again and got the idea of sending in photos to see if I could be published. I needed a photographer and I had an idea about that. A bloke at work who'd put in his resignation fancied me. (He was kinda sexy.) I knew he was good with a camera, so I took him home one night and shagged him. The next night, I had him bring his camera and take these. Then I made excuses not to see him again and a week later he was gone so the awkward encounters finished. Am I a bitch or what?".

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