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Sexed By A Stud

Featuring: Krystal and Juan Largo
Date: March 17th, 2010
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Krystal (25, 5'2", 110 lbs., 36C bras) works for a boat dealer in Madison, Wisconsin. When she was in Miami on vacation with a girlfriend, she called us to get details about appearing solo in NN, which she knew about from an ex-boyfriend. She said she'd love to fuck for the cameras, too, but didn't have a man. We told her to come on in and meet Juan and this is what happened. "I love to suck guys off and have them cum in my mouth, but they have to be ready to eat me out till I cum, too. Then that can be it; we've both cum so we don't have to fuck," said Krystal. "But if we do get into fucking, then the guy better be sure that he's taking care of my wants and not just looking out for himself. There's been a few times I've actually stopped in mid fuck and kicked a guy out of my bed and my apartment because he was too self-centered and wasn't trying at all to satisfy me or get me off. That's what hookers are for." "I don't have a favorite position for fucking," said Krystal. "I haven't tried a position yet that I didn't like! I can cum most any way if the guy knows what he's doing with his dick and has me all hot and wet.

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August 14, 2013
Basically this is a big girl who needs a good hard doggy style
fucking on a regular basis, like three times a day. She has the
blowjob skills for sure. Outstanding jacking material.

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