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A Good Time To Get Laid

Featuring: Lacey Westin
Date: November 18th, 2009
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Lacey (5'8", 145 lbs., wears 36C bras) is a divorced, office manager with a very responsibility-laden and stress-filled job. At the moment, she is not looking for any kind of long-term, dating-type relationship, but, as she said, "I do miss having a cock around to give me that special kinda workout when I'm in the mood." That's why you'll find Lacy and her divorced friend at a bar or a club most Friday and Saturday nights. They're there to have a good time..and get laid. "My friend and I work as a team," said Lacey. "I mean, if there are a couple of young guys-we like them in their mid 20s-who seem interested in us, then we'll hang out with them and, once we all know where things are going, then we'll invite them back to my place because I have a pool table. Once there we can pair off and get down to business: What the guys came for. We can take off to bedrooms or stay in the one room to fuck: Whatever the guys want to do." "So, do we swap partners if we're fuckin' in the same room? Hell, yeah! That's the best of the best: Getting two cocks in the one night. I can cum several times once I'm all sexed up, and my friend is even more insatiable than me, so we'll screw the guys all night if that's what they want, then give them breakfast in the morning before sending them home. But if they want to fuck and run, then that's okay, too, because my friend and I just go to bed and enjoy each other.".

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