Down And Dirty For The Guys

Down And Dirty For The Guys

"I run into a lot of horny guys on a daily basis because of my job," said Lorelei. "I might go out to lunch with a client (they're usually guys) or, occasionally, meet one for a drink after
work-to keep pushing my sales pitch-but that's it. I don't shit where I eat. When I'm in the mood for male company because I'm sick of flying solo, I know some great, stylish bars and clubs where I can meet my girlfriends and pick up a stud for the night. One-night stands are fine as long as the guy understands that's all it is: just a short hookup for sex."

"The guys I prefer-in their late20s to early 30s-mostly know about one-night deals and are happy to get dressed and go home when I tell them to," said Lorelei. "It's guys more around my age and older who want more than a one night thing. I'll only screw a guy if he'll come back to my condo. I feel safe there because I have a panic button right next to my bed and there's always a security guy in the lobby. I can let myself go more at home and…

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Featuring: Lorelei Lane
Date: October 6th, 2010
Photos: 52

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