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Screw the housewife image!

Featuring: Lorena Ponce
Date: October 13th, 2010
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"I fit the cougar definition because I love meeting a guy for the first time and teasing him with words and actions so that when we do end up alone, the sexual tension between us is really explosive and it leads to a night of sex. The second encounter might be the same, but not very often, and by the third time we're naked and getting it on, it's almost boring. I totally relate to Charlie Harper on Two And A Half Men and how he feels about fucking a girl for too long. One or two nights is all I want. If I meet a guy who's in my age group, the odds are that he'll be looking for a relationship and commitment and all that stuff, rather than just a night or, maybe two, of no-holds-barred sex," said Lorena. "So I tend to give the older guys the brush off and concentrate on younger guys who know perfectly well what I'm after, because that's all they want, too. I guess I might be ready to get married again at some stage, but right now I'm in a happy place-a great job, cool condo, super friends and as much sex as I can handle whenever I go looking for it. We cougars are out of the closet and mainstream now. I've only just gotten into sex toys," said Lorena. "I wish I'd thought about buying some years ago when I was married and sexually frustrated by a guy who thought that working 15 hours a day was more important than anything else, like spending time with me, much less fucking me.

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November 22, 2010
Put 20 lbs on her and do a Voluptuous spread -- She's extremely hot!!
October 15, 2010
please more scenes with lorena
October 14, 2010
What a beautiful woman. She is so sexy. At my house she would not get to finish the housework.

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